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ARBURG Spritzgießautomat

With its high-quality injection moulding parts and mould making, Rolit Moc GmbH & Co. KG has gained a great reputation all over Germany. Due to this reputation our products are also shipped to Spain, Hungary, Brazil, India and even as far as China.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified A-supplier based in Germany and as a reliable partner of both Big Business and small companies, we produce for example plastic housings, cases, spacers for balls as they are used in large-diameter anti-friction slewing rings, parts for medical and dentistry engineering and electrical insulatings. We are able to produce high volume series of about 100 million parts as well as small series of about 500 parts.


Unsere Mitarbeiter

Our heaviest parts weigh around 600 grams and for their production there are 25 moulding machines. Owing to our long-time experience with high-grade plastic materials such as PEEK and PA 6.6 - also with carbon fibre and lubricants - Rolit Moc GmbH & Co. KG guarantees an optimal high-quality production.

To meet our high standards, our products are controlled with our ZEISS MC 850/700 caliper.



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